About Us

Eimai My Meraki has been created as an ‘Ode to Indian art and Craftsmanship’ with a vision, mission, and commitment to serve our customers with authentic, rare, and bespoke craftsmanship in comfortable, stylish, and contemporary ethnic clothing from our rich cultural heritage.

We pride ourselves in our achievement of effectively weaving together Indian elements, both classical as well as modern, with rich fabrics and embellishments which cost a whole heap less.

We started out by working hands-on at the grassroot level on fabrics, measurements, specifications, needs, and preferences of customers,  ensuring excellence and your satisfaction. We arrange fittings and never compromise on quality and precision.

Having 15 years of experience in the trade of clothing, furnishings, interiors and lifestyle, our founders and team members follow strict guiding ethics and values, keeping our rich cultural aesthetics along with being customer-focussed as they themselves have been there.

Eimai comprises of easy to work with professionals  who bring to their  prized customers a one-stop destination for the modern age clothing needs, rich in aesthetics, authenticity, comfort, affordability, quality  and styling.

When you want to feel right at ‘HOME’ in the City,